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Original, unique and long-lasting wooden decorations for your baby's dream room: beautiful handcrafted wooden creations personalized with your baby's name, to match the different colors of your baby's room.

We emphasize the color of the theme to bring harmony between the characters and the colors of the room.
All these decorative objects are entirely hand-crafted by us, cut out with a scroll saw
and then painted.
The work is done in our own home, hence the name: handmade and homemade.
For some decors, we offer the option of adding baby's date of birth.
Our work is completely customized to your needs.

Maryline's wooden creations are made to order, and we don't hold any stock. They're handcrafted decorations, made to order and personalized to your wishes.

Handcrafted wooden decorations for boys' and girls' bedrooms, made in France in Tourcoing.

Why are our decorations sustainable?

Our decorations are made from poplar wood, a highly resistant, quality wood. Over the years, your child's ornament will remain intact and will not be damaged. In business since 2012, many of our customers have used our services and come back to us for the births of little brothers or sisters, telling us that their decorations haven't moved - they've stayed intact! You can see our wooden decorations arriving in children's bedrooms here By buying wood, you can be sure of a long-term purchase.

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Trendy theme for boys Oscar and Lazarus

Trendy theme for girls
Marie cat, 

Our latest personalized wooden decorations for children's and babies' bedrooms 100% handmade

Our wooden door plaques for personalized first names

To announce your baby's room, there's nothing better than attaching a decorative door plaque with your baby's or your child's name inscribed on it.
Les créations en bois de Maryline can custom-make this wooden door plaque to suit your needs, with the decoration that will finalize your baby's nursery decor, reminding you of the room's theme and colors.
Of course, as with all our decorations, they're all made in our workshop in France.

In this category of bedroom door plaques, we've put together door plaques for boys' and girls' first names, for personalized first names that can be used in both boys' and girls' bedrooms.
For example, a fox is just as suitable for a little girl as a little boy, as is an elephant, a panda or a koala.
A multitude of possibilities are available in our online store. 

Our decorative wooden thermometers for the nursery

For your baby's room, choose a decorative wall thermometer from our range of wall decorations or tabletop thermometers, the perfect little accessory for keeping track of the temperature in your baby's room while adding a decorative touch.

Our various photo-touch LED lamps in different themes.

A great gift idea for Christmas, it's a highly sought-after and recommended product at the moment, sure to please for any occasion of the year. 

A personalized photo-touch LED lamp custom-made from a personal photo or image.
Lamps that diffuse 7 colors.
A beautiful collection is offered in this section: 
Lamps featuring Stranger Things, Harry Potter characters, Goldorak robots, children's favorite heroes, with the option of personalizing with a first name.

If you're a fan of an actor, singer or celebrity, we can engrave a LED lamp for you.

With actors from the series: Little House on the Prairie
And a whole range of different LED lamps to suit your needs: Candy, Albator, Alf, Tom Sawyer...
LED lamps handmade to order in our workshop in Tourcoing, France, within 4 working days.

Our wall decorations featuring cartoons from the 70s and 80s

And let's not forget the wall decorations on the theme of our cartoons from the 70s and 80s: Candy, Goldorak, Gigi, Calimero, the Smurfs, the Care Bears, Tom Sawyer, Inspector Gadget...

Les créations en bois de Maryline is where we make our unique French handcrafted wooden decorations.

Our handcrafted wooden luminaires

We specialize in personalized decoration for children's and babies' bedrooms, and also offer wooden light fittings for the living room, all imagined and created by the designer.
They have been created in a single copy, and are unique models.

Our personalized wooden wall and table decorations for the bedroom and home

From photo frames to hand-crafted wall hangings, we'll create the perfect decoration to brighten up your child's bedroom.
We also offer decorations for the home, such as sets featuring the great actor Louis de Funès.
From a photo, we make a wooden decoration to be placed on a piece of furniture worked in glue varnish. 

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