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Oscar and Lazare take us into the clouds, Lazare aboard his hot air balloon or his plane and Oscar with his kite on hand while wishing baby a safe journey. ​

Two bears very popular with parents who want to take baby to dreamland...

A colorful theme in shades of blue, gray and white with a touch of beige which will bring softness and cheerfulness to your baby's room. ​

In this collection, Maryline's wooden creations offer you a beautiful range of artisanal wooden decorations entirely handmade by us, a unique choice is offered to you on our online store. ​ Wooden letters to make up baby's first name in various sizes: 12.5 centimeters, 15 centimeters or 25 centimeters. ​

A bedroom door plaque with baby's first name written on it. ​

Baby's decorative first name in attached letters, on one side the traveling bear and on the other side his hot air balloon! ​

The photo frame to display baby's favorite photo, this frame can be placed on a piece of furniture or can simply be attached to the wall as you wish. ​

A decorative bedside lamp with the traveling bear on board his hot air balloon wishing baby a “HAPPY TRIP”. ​

The handcrafted wooden chandelier to hang in the bedroom with the traveling bear with his hot air balloon on one side and the dreaming bear holding his kite on the other side.

All fixed on a base of a cloud painted in turquoise blue and the inscription Oscar Lazare placed on each side of the chandelier.

We suggest you create a tailor-made room for your baby and surround him with softness and tenderness with Oscar and Lazare

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