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A nice little white cat with sweet eyes, our children love these animals! In the theme of Mary of the Aristocats we offer you a small collection of different unique customizable wooden objects to finalize the decoration in the baby's room. ​

This handcrafted decoration can be suitable for a baby or a little girl, there is no age to love this cat and create a personalized decoration. ​

The wall chart will allow you to follow baby's growth, the decorative wall letters to compose the full first name and thus personalize your child's room. ​

This decorative range that we offer will allow you to arrange, decorate, but above all personalize the room. ​

All our handcrafted creations on the theme of Mary of the Aristocats are entirely hand painted with a brush by us on high quality poplar wood. ​

Being artisanal work made to measure and customizable according to your desires, we have no stock. If you have requests for creations that are not for sale on our online store, we are here to meet your needs and create something tailor-made just for you.​

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