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As a reminder of the 1970s and 1980s, we've created a range of wooden wall or table decorations based on some of the most iconic cartoons from those great years.

Goldorak with Actarus is a unique and rare decoration to put on a base in your child's bedroom.

Entirely hand-crafted, it's made from poplar wood and meticulously hand-painted and varnished by us.

A great gift idea for a birthday or any other event that's sure to please!

Unique decoration models, rare pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

On this page you'll find our hand-painted wooden decorations from our 70s and 80s cartoons.

You'll also find our trendy LED touch lamps, designed for children as nightlights and for adults as decorations and table lamps for bedrooms, living rooms and offices. 

These lamps change color as you wish. 

See all our LED touch lamps. 

On Les Créations en bois de Maryline, our creations are customizable.

If you can't find the design of your favorite cartoon, contact us by email. or via the contact page.

goldorack le robot
candy dessin animé années 70-80
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