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  1. PayPal payment Online payment is made by PayPal, simple, fast and secure. Maryline's wooden creations use PayPal to guarantee you maximum security. When you pay, you will be redirected to the PayPal site, payment is made directly between you and PayPal.​ Once on the PayPal site, it is not obligatory to have an account.​ You just have to enter your bank card number, the expiration date and the 3 digits on the back of your card. The information entered will never be communicated to us and is fully encrypted and secure. PayPal offers you to pay for your purchases in 4 installments on Maryline's wooden creations. You can also pay in 2-3 installments without going through PayPal, see below for more information On each of the decorations, you can click on the link Learn More present next to the price indicated. A window opens "Buy now, pay later" and you can read the conditions ​Only for individuals residing in France French PayPal account required Payment in 4X is available subject to acceptance for purchases from 30€ to 2000 €​You can also find out more via this PayPal link.

  2.  Payment by credit card using the Stripe payment platform, a secure platform to make your purchases with peace of mind. All you need to do is enter your contact details and your bank card information.

  3.  Payment by check​The check must be made payable to:​Mlle MAQUART Aline and addressed to this address:​Les Créations en bois de Maryline M.PAVIOT Jérôme 8 rue des acacias 59200 TOURCOING​In order to facilitate the processing of your order, you can attach a printout of the online order to your check. The order will be validated after receipt of payment by Les Créations en bois de Maryline. From the date of receipt of payment and after collection, we will begin manufacturing the ordered decorations.​​

4. Payment by bank transfer After placing your order and choosing the "bank transfer" option in the payment method, simply contact us via the "contact" page or by email at this address: lescreationsenboisdemaryline@gmail .com We will then communicate our RIB to you so that you can do what is necessary and your order can be validated and manufactured once the transfer is received.​​5. Bank transfer via Paylib ​A simple and practical application to activate on your phone: you can send money instantly by SMS All you need is a telephone number and the transfer is made in a few seconds.​As a reminder, our telephone number is 06 02 65 24 94 ​Remember to send us a message by SMS or email to give us the references of your order If you would like to find out more about this application and know this payment method, click on this secure Paylib link


On, payment in 2 or 3 installments is offered to you for any order from 150 € of purchase. ​

A payment facility that allows you to buy today and pay in several installments for your custom decoration and prepare for the arrival of your baby with peace of mind ​ To validate your payment, it's simple:

When you place your order, choose the payment method by check Write 2 or 3 checks without backdating them to the order of: ​ Miss MAQUART Aline 8 rue des acacias 59200 TOURCOING Upon receipt of your payment, we will validate your order and cash a first check The second will be cashed 30 days later and the last 28 days later.

We only accept checks issued in France By credit card via PayPal or Stripe To pay by credit card in 2 or 3 installments: ​ Contact us by email, we will send you an invoice via the PayPal payment platform and we will authorize partial payment of the invoice ​ or via the Stripe payment platform: we will send you 3 invoices to your email address: one invoice on the day of the order and the other 2 at 28 day intervals ​ If you have any questions or need help to validate this payment method, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone 06-02-65-24-94​

Le mode de règlement par chèque accepté pour toute commande sur les créations en bois de Maryline
Réglement en plusieurs fois à partir de 150€ d'achat sur le site les créations en bois de Maryline
Le logo Paypal pour effectuer vos achats sécurisés sur les créations en bois de Maryline
Le mode de règlement Stripe une plate forme de règlement sécurisée pour effectuer vos achats
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