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Nos délais de fabrication

Our work is entirely tailor-made to the client's request. ​

We have no stock because all our decorations are customizable, the decoration possibilities are endless, both for colors, theme and first name. ​

As a result, there is a lead time which varies between 3 to 4 working weeks for all wooden decorations for baby's rooms. ​

Exceptionally we can sometimes reduce this completion time as far as possible (minimum 6 days) ​ Before confirming your order, please contact us for any urgent orders to avoid any unnecessary transactions. ​

In this type of situation, to order a decoration with a faster manufacturing time, you will need to send it by Colissimo (sending in 2 days to your home) because Mondial Relay can take between 3 to 5 working days for the delivery of your package to a seller ​

If you live in the Lille metropolis, it is entirely possible to place an order and collect it from your home within 4-5 working days (after contacting us) see the map on the home page to see where our store is located. workshop. ​

As for photo touch LED lamps, the manufacturing time is between 3 and 5 working days maximum. ​ This deadline will be confirmed to you on the order validation email after receipt of your order and payment. ​

Please note, however, during busy periods such as Christmas, this delay will be longer (see Christmas order) ​

You can read the different stages of manufacturing when placing an order, this will allow you to know how the completion of an order takes place. ​

At Les créations en bois de Maryline our priority is your order satisfaction, the quality of the work and not the speed of manufacturing your order.

When you make a decoration entirely by hand it is not possible to make it correctly if it is made in a hurry and in fear that it will not be delivered within the expected time frame.

For us, it is important to work with complete peace of mind in order to successfully complete your order from start to finish.

Thank you for your understanding and trust. ​

Read Google customer reviews here Read customer reviews on the site here Read Facebook customer reviews here ​

The different stages of manufacturing

When you place an order, here are the different manufacturing stages for your decorations:

We reproduce your decoration on a poplar wooden board We work to measure; we draw the theme and the characters requested according to the creation desired by the client (letter, door plate, wall decor, coat rack, bedside lamp, coat rack, etc.)

The next step consists of cutting out the drawn pieces with a scroll saw.

The scroll saw is a very practical saw for cutting thin pieces of wood. Perfect as a tool and essential for making the various decorations offered

​Once all our pieces are cut, outcomes the step of sanding each decoration.

Sanding is a technique for removing all splinters from the side of parts

Using a sanding block covered with sandpaper; without risk of damaging the part This is entirely done manually by the creator​

So our decorations are ready to be painted​ Painting is the most meticulous step in the making of our artisanal creations

Everything is painted by hand, with a brush Each decor has its color, its theme, personalization requires more time in painting. We make our own colors using white acrylic paint and dye.​

Depending on the color requested, we add dye in order to find the color that comes closest to the customer's request.​

Once painting is complete, allow 2 hours of drying time The last step in making our decorations: Varnishing: The piece is placed on a support, and we apply a coat of colorless glossy varnish designed for wood.

Here is your decoration finished, all you have to do is wait a few hours for the piece to be completely dry.

​Here are the different manufacturing stages for each decoration made for each of you. It’s a long and painstaking job.

Hence, the reason for unique and customizable pieces entirely handmade and homemade​ Buying on is the certainty of purchasing French handcrafted decoration. Know-how and quality in your store

Mademoiselle Maquart Aline personne qui s'occupe de la peinture des créations artisanales .
Monsieur PAVIOT Jérôme découpe à la scie a chantourner les différentes décorations artisanales
Poplar wood plaque
Le logo fait maison pour les créations artisanales chambre enfant et bébé personnalisables
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