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What gift to give for the birth of a baby?​

Here is a question that many people ask when a newborn arrives to give to parents For this happy event, we are all looking for an original gift idea.

Finding the perfect, unique and personal birth gift to give to celebrate the arrival of your baby is not always easy.

If you are looking for a personalized birth gift for a baby girl or baby boy, you have come to the right address at Les créations en bois de Maryline.

Beautiful personalized gift ideas to offer to future parents for the birth of a baby. Les Créations en bois de Maryline offers you some personalized handmade wooden gift ideas for the birth of a baby.


A little touch of color, creativity and personalized wooden decorations to successfully create a harmonious room where baby will be able to flourish in the first months of his birth.


Everything you need to decorate your baby's room, create your own universe, your world and above all your cocoon, your bedroom.​

Petit train décoratif en bois avec le prénom de bébé et sa date de naissance

You don't find the original and useful birth gift?​

Don't worry, offer a gift card accompanied by a personalized message to be sure to please and give parents the freedom to purchase the decoration according to their wishes.

All of our wooden decorations are made at home in our workshop, by hand in France, hence the name "handmade or homemade".

For any quote request or request for a personalized creation for the arrival of a baby, do not hesitate to contact us or click on the get a quote tab.

A quote will be given to you during the day.​

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